Warriors Journey Home


“In our Indigenous communities, our good medicine way is to respond to our Veterans when they are deployed or return from combat.  We attend to their heart and soul needs." says Shianne Eagleheart (Haudenosaunee-Seneca). 

“In the Warriors Journey Home circle, we borrow from these sacred teachings to tend to our veterans’ needs effectively.  We offer our gratitude to our Native Elders for preserving these sacred teachings so that we may know how to live,” says Shianne.

          “We honor all beliefs,” says Reverend John Schluep.  

           Reverend John brings a sensitivity to veterans in the circle.   He served in the military before pursuing counseling and ministry work.  Shianne Eagleheart brings a foundation in clinical treatment of Post-traumatic stress and earth medicine.  All of these elements create a safe and sacred space for our community to listen, speak, and heal.

            Those that come to the Sunday meetings sit in a circle surrounding the talking stick.

    Reverend John goes on to say the talking stick, “carries the stories of our people.”  The individual holding the talking stick is the only one allowed to speak. Once the stick is returned to the center of the circle, others may take it to share their war stories. 

            In addition, Warriors Journey Home has agreements which are used to create safety in the circle.  Some of the rules include:

        I will tell the truth.

        I will not use language to harm.

        I will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

        I will not interrupt when someone else is speaking.

        I will actively listen with an open heart.

            Those who come to Warriors Journey Home realize that when they share their stories with others, they’re letting go of their personal pain.

            “War wounds our soul,” Reverend John says. He also says that warriors need to find a way to make their wounds bleed in order for the veteran to heal; and it’s the warrior’s responsibility to make this happen.

            Reverend John does not consider all stories to be war stories.

           “On Sundays, I don’t hear war stories, I hear love stories,” Reverend John says.  The stories John hears are about those who have an undying love for their country and love for their family members.

            The objective of Warriors Journey Home is for our veterans to

listen, speak, and heal.


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“On Sundays, I don’t hear war stories, I hear love stories.”- Reverend John Schluep